The world’s leading value forklift brand


All Doosan forklifts are designed with a simple ethos – to make Doosan machines the best value on the market. That means using proven technology and rugged, durable components to ensure low lifetime operating costs and minimal maintenance.

The Doosan Pro-5 Range


 The cornerstone of our business. The complete range of electric, LPG and diesel models is Doosan’s most successful ever, with a host of great features and class leading ergonomics.

The Signature features of Doosan forklifts include:

  • AC Technology on all electric models.
  • Oil cooled disk brakes provide excellent long term response, in any application – wet or dry. 10,000 hour service life means there’s minimal maintenance and therefore minimal cost.
  • Integrated sideshift is another standard Doosan feature usually offered by competitors as a costly extra.
  • Reliable, powerful and well proven engine and transmissions.
  • Comprehensive 3 Years manufacturer’s warranty. Doosan’s own research suggests that their machines offer the lowest lifetime costs. Despite this, the company still offers one of the best warranties around, giving even greater peace of mind. The warranty comes as standard covering parts and labour.
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