The JX0 from EP Equipment is the new generation low level order picker. The main advantage compared to its competitors is the extremely stable mast and the intuitive user interface. With its great ergonomics and simple design, the JX0 will undoubtedly increase efficiency in your warehouse and is also likely to help reduce injuries in the



  The JX1 medium level order picker, with its heavy duty, stable mast and a large working platform, will undoubtedly help to optimize any warehouse picking operation, whilst also giving your employees the safe environment they need to work efficiently and effectively. APPLICATION The JX1 can elevate an operator up to as much as 4880mm,


Order Pickers

  EP Equipment offer highly innovative solutions for the vertical order picking and work assist vehicles market, with a heavy emphasis on versatility and safety. The JX0 is our latest generation product from EP. This order picker was designed in response to new storage room layouts, which optimize space by narrowing aisle widths. This model


ES10-22MM/ES12-25MM & ES10-22DM/ES12-25DM

  Capacity 1.0/1.2T Max. lift height 3570mm 24V/85Ah/105Ah DC Controller    


ES10-10ES & ES12-12ES

  The ES10-10ES & ES12-12ES pallet stacker from EP Equipment covers all your light duty application in the warehouse and production. Available with a lifting height of up to 4000mm with 1200KG capacity, gel battery and an integrated charger this truck offers you the flexibility you expect from your warehouse truck. APPLICATION In small warehouses, production or retail environment,


ES10-10MM & ES12-12MM

PRODUCT The ES12-12MM stacker from EP Equipment, a mono mast stacker with a lifting height of up to 1955mm helps you lift goods to a ergonomic working height or ensures a safe storage in your racks.Available with a full-free lifting height of up to 1955mm-1200KG capacity – gel battery and an integrated charger. APPLICATION In small



  PRODUCT The EPT20-15ET from EP Equipment is the original solution for light duty pallet handling. With over 25,000 units sold worldwide it is your best choice when it comes to price efficient material handling equipment.   APPLICATION In a retail environment, pallet truck need to be small and easy to handle, not to disturb the customer flow. The


Electric Stackers

  EP Equipment offers a large variety of electric pallet stackers suitable for every application. Electric pallet stackers are also often called lifters or pallet jacks. Their main purpose is to safely lift, move, and stack pallets. Pallet stackers are often required for smaller tasks where a full-sized forklift perhaps couldn’t fit or would be too costly. HOW


Electric Pallet Trucks

  As the worlds largest manufacturer of electric pallet trucks, EP offer a wide range of electric pallet trucks to fit the need of every customer and application. HOW TO DECIDE WHICH PALLET TRUCK IS RIGHT FOR YOU First of all you have to know the weight of the load it is that you’re transporting. EP offers electric



APPLICATION With its 4,5mm strong steel chassis, the EPT 20-15 EHJ is made to last. Inspired by the design of manual handpallet trucks, the semi-electric 15 EHJ combines the advantages of electric driving with the compact dimensions and light weight of a manual handpallet truck. Whether it’s for use in retail, manufacturing or distribution, the EHJ