Combilift open new Irish factory in County Monaghan

Combilift have announced the opening of a new manufacturing complex in Monaghan, Ireland. The move signifies Combilifts ever growing presence in the emerald isle and we should expect to see more and more growth as the forklift truck manufacturer continues to enjoy a good period.

The ribbon on the new site was cut by Combilift managing director Martin McVicar and technical director Robert Moffett. The ceremony was attended by just under 350 employees who all turned out to enjoy a brilliant day at Monaghan.

Modern factory

The brand spanking new site is huge and sits on over 40 hectares of land. That’s roughly equivalent to 40 rugby pitches. The brand new site will feature a large amount of different buildings and specialised sections. One of the highlights is a purpose built testing area, this will give Combilift the capability to build and test machines to the highest standard. This dedication to product development is one of the main reasons that Combilift is so far ahead of its competitors. As well as the specialised testing area, the facility also features a dedicated R&D facility amongst other large administrative buildings.

Indeed, the operation at Combilift is massive. The company admits that it’s development of the facility is much larger than originally planned. The need for this huge rate of expansion is underlined by the fact that the company recently released figures that project a hundred percent increase on turnover with the expectation that there would reach a final figure of £75 million in 2020. 

Irish roots

Combilift are proud to be an Irish company and the fact that the development of the manufacturing facility has generated over two hundred jobs is a source of huge satisfaction for the two Irish owners. This development has opened the door for many designers and technicians to get involved with the project down at Monaghan. 

In fact, managing director Martin McVicar had this to say, “We are delighted to break ground on our new facility which shows our commitment to manufacturing in Monaghan as well as to the regional economy”.

Spurring on the local economy

This commitment to local development and job creation has been recognised by the Assembly Technician Trainership course, the training company has decided to bestow the honour of training and developing the next generation of product engineers upon Combilift. This scheme will see a huge growth in locally qualified technicians in what can only be seen as a huge boon to Monaghan’s economy.