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The Future of Material Handling Efficiency

At Fork Truck Direct, we believe that Lithium-Ion electric forklift trucks will shift the material handling industry in a significant way over the next decade, and any business looking for material handling equipment such as counterbalance forklift trucks and warehouse equipment should take serious considerations into transitioning their current material handling processes to these Lithium-Ion platforms.

Lithium-Ion represents significant cost benefits in regards to running costs, maintenance costs, and purchase price as well as a multitude of other benefits your business could receive from transitioning your material handling processes to Lithium-Ion platforms.

Fork Truck Direct specialise in providing the very best in Lithium-Ion forklift trucks to businesses across Essex, Suffolk, London and Hertfordshire. We pride ourselves on providing the most cost-effective lithium-ion solutions available.


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Zero Emissions

Zero Emissions

Li-Ion forklifts emit zero emissions during their daily work-cycle. Within confined spaces such as warehouses or buildings, this is a major benefit allowing for such working environments to be cleaner.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

The associated cost savings with Lithium Ion Forklift Trucks is the most important information for our current customers and prospects who are considering adopting Li-Ion for their own operations.

Simplified Setup & Charging

Simplified Setup & Charging

For larger battery capacities, Fork Truck Direct offer a standalone charging unit which is lighter and smaller than it’s lead-acid counterpart. Simply plug the charging unit into your power supply, plug the vehicle into the charging unit and the charging cycle beings.

Reduced Maintenance

Reduced Maintenance

The static nature of this power system ensures fewer points of potential failure allowing our customers and prospects to have the security in the knowledge that the Li-Ion is less likely to fail than it’s Gas or Diesel counterparts.

Safety and Reliability

Safety and Reliability

With Fork Truck Direct you can be assured that any risk is minimised to its fullest extent due to our access to CATL Lithium-Ion batteries. CATL Li-Ion batteries are renowned globally for their extremely high standard of safety and reliability.

Safety and Reliability

Safe and reliable Lithium-Ion technology

A common cause of hesitation towards Lithium-Ion globally is the inherent volatility of such batteries causing them to catch fire more often than lead-acid batteries. However, with Fork Truck Direct you can be assured that this risk is minimised to it’s fullest extent owing to our access to CATL Lithium-Ion batteries. CATL Li-Ion batteries are renowned globally for their extremely high-standard of safety and reliability. Feel free to watch the video for more information on the safety and reliability of the CATL Li-Ion battery.

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Case Studies

How we support operations across the South


With over 171 locations including Chandlers Building & Roofing Supplies, Parker Building & Roofing Supplies, Grant & Stone and many more, IBMG's large and complex network of depot's are all supported by Fork Truck Direct. IBMG have acquired over 110 Doosan forklift trucks, and dozens of telehandlers & side-loaders which are all supported by FTD's service team in partnership with Triple R Engineering. 

Aspall (1)

Premium Cyder specialists Aspall Suffolk Cyder has been in business for 300 years. For the past 15 years, Fork Truck Direct have supplied the site with Doosan counter-balance forklift trucks. Currently Aspall's operate 12 of our Doosan forklifts which we maintain on a weekly basis.

Case Studies - Hills Prospect

For the last 11 years, Hills Prospect have chosen Fork Truck Direct as their main supplier of material handling and warehouse equipment. With 14 Doosan electric vehicles, Hills Prospect are able to operate 22-hours a day, 6 days a week trusting the reliability and servicing provided by our products and service team.

Case Studies - Eat Natural

For over 18 years, our sales manager Jimmy Pascavage has supported Eat Natural by providing them material handling solutions on many projects to improve efficiency. 14 Doosan counter-balance forklift trucks support Eat Natural in their production and distribution of over 100 million bars every year. 

Case Studies - Jaylow Supplies

Since 2006, Fork Truck Direct have consistently supported Jaylow Supplies with warehouse solutions & equipment. With over 20 Doosan powered pallet trucks and multiple articulated & counter-balance forklifts, Jaylow Supplies depend on Fork Truck Direct's service team to maintain their extensive fleet.  

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