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Combilift are the world’s leading producers of 4 directional forklifts with currently more than 80% of the UK market share. Fork Truck Direct is an authorised distributor of Combilift for Essex, Suffolk, London, and Hertfordshire.

Fork Truck Direct provide full technical and service support to the Combilift range of equipment. All of our engineers have gone through an extensive training program to enable us to provide a first class level of service support. Our highly trained engineers provide outstanding service and repairs with unrivalled response times making us the best choice for Combilift truck repairs.

Through FTD’s parts operation over 90% of Combilift parts are available within 24 hours. Our friendly team is here to chat to you and find out how we can help you with your Combilift truck.


Combilift and Fork Truck Direct

Expertly Trained Combilift Engineers

In the last 2 years we have been actively involved with the design and development of the Combilift SC3 Straddle Carrier and have successfully supplied several units into the businesses working within the Felixstowe Docks, Ipswich and beyond. For more information on how we can help you with Combilift material & container handling equipment in Essex and Suffolk, please contact us.

From our central depot we are able to help you with your Combilift in Suffolk, Essex, London and Hertfordshire. We are pleased to be able to cover these areas with our dedicated team of mobile engineers, who can visit you onsite to carry out any repairs or maintenance needed.

We understand that a forklift is a tool, required to do a job, it is up to us to ensure that tool is safe and productive for use. Feel free to call us today for Combilift in Suffolk, Essex, London, and Hertfordshire.

Financing and Hire Options

Flexible Combilift Options

Here, at Fork Truck Direct, we offer the full range of Combilift products. We hire Combilift forklifts all over the Essex and Suffolk area and, for those companies looking to purchase Combilift forklifts, we can help you out there, too.

Combilift is an Irish manufacturer of multi-directional forklift trucks and other load-handling machinery. Established in the late nineties by a pair of experienced engineers with decades of practical experience, the company has gone on to be recognised as a major global leader in the industry, selling over 28,000 machines across more than 75 countries worldwide.

All Combilift models are built around a central concept that combines efficiency with ease of use, as highlighted by these features, which come as standard with every Combilift:


Combilift forklifts are the first multi-directional, all wheel drive forklift. Combining the technology of a side-loader with a forklift, they are highly efficient and manoeuvrable in even the tightest spaces.

Safe product handling

The Combilift forklift is designed for the safe handling of long-loads. It offers great stability; its integrated platform and low centre of gravity provide a sturdy base.

Saving space

With their unique all wheel drive, multi-directional steering systems, Combilift forklifts are able to move sideways whilst handling long loads.

Suitable for indoors and outdoors

Combilift forklifts are just as efficient outdoors as they are indoors. Whether using electric, gas, or diesel to fuel your Combilift, the requirement for having both an indoor and an outdoor forklift is entirely eliminated.

Increased Productivity

When you buy or rent a Combilift forklift, it saves you time and space and reduces product damage, as well as allowing a smoother loading and offloading process in and about the warehouse. Double handling is effectively eliminated, and the improved speed of operation of a Combilift model leads to a massive spike in productivity.


The range of Combilift vehicles are designed with the operator at heart, and include things like hi-vis cabs and suspension seats as standard. Spacious cabins, ergonomic operator controls, and full air-conditioning makes operating a Combilift a breeze.

Less risk of product damage

With multi-directional movement, sudden twists and turns in warehouse are a thing of the past. If you purchase a Combilift forklift, you drastically reduce the chance of products getting damaged during movement.

Case Studies

How we support operations across the South


With over 171 locations including Chandlers Building & Roofing Supplies, Parker Building & Roofing Supplies, Grant & Stone and many more, IBMG's large and complex network of depot's are all supported by Fork Truck Direct. IBMG have acquired over 110 Doosan forklift trucks, and dozens of telehandlers & side-loaders which are all supported by FTD's service team in partnership with Triple R Engineering. 

Aspall (1)

Premium Cyder specialists Aspall Suffolk Cyder has been in business for 300 years. For the past 15 years, Fork Truck Direct have supplied the site with Doosan counter-balance forklift trucks. Currently Aspall's operate 12 of our Doosan forklifts which we maintain on a weekly basis.

Case Studies - Hills Prospect

For the last 11 years, Hills Prospect have chosen Fork Truck Direct as their main supplier of material handling and warehouse equipment. With 14 Doosan electric vehicles, Hills Prospect are able to operate 22-hours a day, 6 days a week trusting the reliability and servicing provided by our products and service team.

Case Studies - Eat Natural

For over 18 years, our sales manager Jimmy Pascavage has supported Eat Natural by providing them material handling solutions on many projects to improve efficiency. 14 Doosan counter-balance forklift trucks support Eat Natural in their production and distribution of over 100 million bars every year. 

Case Studies - Jaylow Supplies

Since 2006, Fork Truck Direct have consistently supported Jaylow Supplies with warehouse solutions & equipment. With over 20 Doosan powered pallet trucks and multiple articulated & counter-balance forklifts, Jaylow Supplies depend on Fork Truck Direct's service team to maintain their extensive fleet.  

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