6 forklift drivers that made huge mistakes

 We all make mistakes at work, it’s just a part of life. However, when your job is to operate forklifts or other heavy machinery, mistakes can be more stress inducing than in other professions. After all, being in charge of machinery that weighs tonnes is a big responsibility! Here are x forklift drivers that made huge mistakes. Thankfully, none of them got hurt! 

1.Failed three point turn

As far as necessary skills go, a three-point turn is certainly one of them if you want to operate forklifts for a living. And if you’re going to pull off a three-point turn, it’s advisable not to hit anything as you’re turning. This forklift operator clearly never got the memo. In the clip we see him reverse into a water feature, cracking it and spilling water everywhere.


2.Broken bottles 

The mistake made by the forklift operator in this case actually happened before the camera started rolling. When the clip starts, there’s a forklift wedged into a stack of bottles, and it’s clear that the truck is the only thing holding the stack of bottles upright. Once the camera is rolling, the operator decides to move the truck, and the bottles go crashing to the floor. Hopefully his manager was in a good mood that day.

3.Beer waterfall

In almost any other context, a beer waterfall would sound like a good thing, but not here. When this clip starts, we see a forklift operator who has tried to lift a crate from the top of a stack of beer too quickly, causing it to lean over precariously. Before long the inevitable happens, and beer crates start falling left right and centre. The bottles inside smash, and beer starts flooding the warehouse floor. Oops!



4.Fishy Business 

In what other industry could a legitimate mistake leave you covered in fish? This forklift operator misjudged his fork height when loading crates of fish onto a truck, and ended up covered in them. We feel for this guy, this looks very rage inducing.


5.Overloaded forks

If you’ve ever undertaken forklift training, you’ll know that overloading your forks can be a very bad idea. If you’re still not sure why that’s the case, give this video a watch. We’re sure this forklift operator’s heart was in his mouth as the forklift fell forward. Luckily for him, a well-placed skip in front of the truck meant that it bounced straight back, leaving him with a bruised ego, but otherwise unharmed.



As far as warehouse mistakes go, this is probably about as bad as it gets without anyone getting hurt. After getting a forklift’s forks stuck in a crate, the operator had to abandon ship before the truck went crashing to the floor. Let’s hope the truck was insured!


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