Getting ahead in the transport industry with Doosan

As a Doosan dealer, we’re pleased to offer their range of forklifts which are a great addition to any business. Recently they’ve been focusing on the different industries where their forklifts are making a real impact and we’ve put together this blog to highlight the best that Doosan has to offer for the transport industry.

Being as efficient as possible

As with any kind of logistics, efficiency is key, whether this is maximising fuel efficiency, improving productivity or increasing operational safety. In the transport sector this is no different.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the transport sector has been under scrutiny to ensure that they are working sustainably when it comes to emissions. For Doosan, this is shown in their forklift range.

In particular, their range of 2.0 – 3.5 tonne capacity forklifts. The Doosan D20-35 diesel forklifts feature the innovative Doosan G2 engine. This engine has been developed to provide high power at low rpm, reduced fuel consumption and it currently meets all emissions regulations without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

All Doosan equipment is designed to be robust and reliable,  and as they say themselves

‘we wouldn’t say that we had the strongest, toughest, most reliable forklifts available if we didn’t believe it!’

All Doosan forklifts are manufactured using heavy gauge steel, meaning that they will withstand even the most demanding of use; reducing the amount of downtime each truck has. Not only that, included as standard is their industry leading sealed, oil-cooled disc brake system, which is virtually maintenance free and lasts up to five times longer when compared to conventional shoe brakes. The sealed units protect against outside elements such as dirt, water and grit, ensuring top-rate braking performance for enhanced safety and increased productivity.

But what is a forklift without its driver? All Doosan forklifts have been designed to provide the highest amounts of comfort possible for operators. If your operator is comfortable, it will reduce fatigue and mean that you’re getting the highest levels of productivity possible from each of them.

Finally, safety is always at the heart of what Doosan do, and their forklifts are no exception. These features include the Doosan rear grab handle with horn which won the prestigious FLTA Award in the safety category, a swing out and down gas bottle carrier, our previously mentioned oil-cooled disc brake system and more.

Going that extra mile

These features are good start, and should be the basic standard that you expect when you’re looking for forklifts that suit the needs of the transport industry.

For Doosan, that is just the start. They also offer additional options that are tailored to this important industry. When it comes to adding extras to your forklift fleet, it’s important to think about why you are adding them and what additional benefits you will get from using them. Here are a few things to think about which could benefit your transport logistics.

Cabs and Weather Guards

By adding a full cab onto your forklift, you are providing your operators with a more comfortable working environment which is protected from the elements, in particular the wind and rain. There are two main types of cabin available, either a full steel cabin or a canvas cabin and depending on the operating environment of your forklift; there are benefits to both. Let’s start with a full steel cabin.

A full steel cabin is a benefit to your operation if your trucks are used for prolonged periods of time and your operator is not frequently entering and exiting the truck. An additional benefit to this cabin is that because it is made from steel, you get added protection for your operator in colder temperatures; making this a great option when working in ports or coastal areas.

A canvas cabin is a more flexible option for many businesses, particularly if operators are stepping on and off the forklift truck frequently as part of its operational cycle; they simply unzip one side of the cabin and they would still have protection on all the other sides and above. Another benefit to this is that if we do get a (very rare) burst of hot weather, you can remove the sides of a canvas cabin completely and still have protection from the (inevitable) rain.

Lighting the way

Whether your warehouse and logistics are working without outside light or hoping to ensure that they are efficient all year round, light is one way to achieve this.

A way to get around this is to add extra working lights on to your forklift which will allow it to operate outdoors in darker conditions; extending the amount of time during the day which your truck can be operated in.

You may also consider adding extra working lights to your truck if it is used to load and unload shipping containers or trailers. The confined space of these areas can be dark even in the lightest of outdoor conditions; which will make the addition of lights a benefit to your operation.

Containers and trailers

When you are working with limited height, you need to know how your forklifts will fit into containers and trailers for loading. This observation needs to be made to both the height of the trucks mast when it is closed and also the height of the trucks overhead guard.

Most forklift manufacturers provide a dedicated container specification forklift which has a modified overhead guard and a specific mast which have lower than usual closed heights, allowing them to operate inside trailers and containers safely.

Seeing Double

When it comes to getting the work done, wouldn’t it be great if you could get twice as much done at the same time?

By adding a double pallet handler on to your forklift, you enable your truck to transport two loads at the same time; a particular benefit in the transport industry when loading or unloading deliveries. Because you have doubled the number of pallets you can carry with your truck, effectively you are halving the amount of time it would take to load or unload a delivery vehicle; allowing for more deliveries to be undertaken during a working day (if driving hours allow of course).

These are just some of the Doosan options that are available and as a Doosan dealer we are always happy to chat about what they offer and how it can meet your needs, in the transport industry or any other! Contact us to have a chat about all things forklift.