How to know which parts you need for forklift repair

Forklifts are an expensive capital investment that can shape the way that a business operates. Because of this, it’s essential that owners and operators are able to spot the signs of wear and tear before they become more damaging and expensive to repair. Forklift repair and maintenance is invaluable to a well-run operation, and in the long run, it can bring down your costs and extend the lifespan of your hard-working models. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of which parts are most often needed for forklift repairs as well as how to know when you’ll need them.

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Replacement tyres

The fact that forklifts don’t have traditional suspension systems means that its entire weight will rest on its tyres. To avoid accidents and any extra damage they will need replacing when necessary.

• Forklift tyres have a wear line, which is also known as the 50% wear line. If you notice that your tyres are worn over the wear line, this is a clear sign that it’s time to replace them.

• If pieces of your tyres are falling off or there are tears, you need to replace them.

• Your forklift tyres should be round without any dips, flat or misshapen areas.


If you notice any water, liquid or leakage coming from your forklift body, this is likely to be an issue with a torn or worn seal. The rear main seal is a common part that needs to be replaced on forklifts.

Replacement forks

As indestructible as they may seem, knocks against walls, extended use and overloading can all cause damage to your forks.

• If your shank and blade angle is more than 93 degrees or appears bent, it’s time to replace your forks.

• Look out for surface cracks. The most common places for cracks are the heel area and welds.

• The two forklift blade tips should always be around the same height. If your blade tips appear uneven, or there seems to be a lot of space between them, they’ll need changing. Also, check their thickness as this tends to wear down subtly over time.

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Starter motors and batteries

The signs of whether you need a new starter motor or battery are a lot easier to tell with forklifts. This is because unfortunately, your forklift won’t start, the starter motor will be spinning but not engaging or it makes “clacking” sounds.

• If your headlights appear dimmer than usual or dim when you blow the horn, this is an indicator that the battery needs replacing.

• If you own a VOM, you can use this to check the voltage of your battery. If your battery reads under 13.2 volts, this is an indicator that your battery may need replacing.

If your forklift lights are constantly dim or flickering, it is likely that it is not a battery issue and you will need to purchase a new light package instead.

Traction batteries and alternators

Traction batteries provide forklifts with power for the lift. An alternator is a component of the charging system on a forklift that powers its accessories. If you notice that yours is slow or weak, this may mean that you need a new traction battery.


If your forklift starts making rotary noise or isn’t running as smoothly as usual, this is likely because of a worn or damaged bearing. Bearings can be more difficult to diagnose and often require an internal look at the machine.

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