CESAB Lithium Warehouse Equipment

CESAB Lithium Reach Truck in Warehouse

CESAB Lithium Warehouse Equipment

CESAB Material Handling have been operating for more than 80 years and now covers a territory spanning 27 countries. Since announcing it's fully integrated and in-house lithium-ion solutions in 2020, CESAB have rapidly expanded into the lithium material handling market developing a myriad of warehouse equipment such as powered pallet trucks, powered stackers, reach trucks and much more.


As of 2024, Fork Truck Direct are supplying lithium-ion CESAB warehouse equipment to a plethora of customers across Essex, Suffolk, London, and Hertfordshire looking to join the lithium revolution within their warehouses. We are in the unique position to be offering the CESAB lithium products along side support such products with warranty, service, and technical needs.

CESAB S200 Lithium Powered Stacker Truck Product Image
CESAB P200 Lithium Powered Pallet Truck in use

CESAB P Series

Lithium Powered Pallet Trucks

The CESAB P Series suits all types of light-duty to medium duty applications, such as horizontal transport, loading/unloading and order picking. The P series lithium powered pallet trucks are easy to use with the ergonomic tiller arm with finger tip controls and the standard creep speed feature for manoeuvring tight spaces.

We offer the CESAB P series as both walk behind and ride-on powered pallet truck variants.

Lifting Capacity: 1,300kg - 2,500kg

Battery Capacity: 24V / 225 - 400Ah

Fork Length: 1000mm - 2350mm

CESAB S Series

Lithium Powered Stacker Trucks

The CESAB powered stacker trucks are designed for low to high intensity applications where manoeuvrability, reliability and safety are key requirements. These stacker trucks fit a wide range of applications such as industry, warehouses, and retail stores. With additional features such as low body design and wide-view mast allow a good and safe view of the forks and your load at all times.

We offer the CESAB S Series as both walk behind and ride-on powered stacker truck variants.

Lifting Capacity: 800kg - 2,000kg

Battery Capacity: 24V / 60 - 230Ah

Maximum Lift Height: 1580mm - 4050mm


CESAB S200 Lithium Powered Stacker Truck
CESAB R200 Lithium Reach Truck

CESAB R Series

Lithium Reach Trucks

The CESAB lithium reach truck is compact and flexible. With it's narrow designed chassis it is ideal for stacking in narrow and constrained spots. It's open-design overhead guard and wide-view mast and carriage guarantee excellent all-round visibility. The driver is also at ease with the simple and logical fingertip controls placed on an ergonomic console with a integrated wrist rest.

We offer brand new CESAB lithium-ion reach trucks across Essex, Suffolk, London, and Hertfordshire.

Lifting Capacity: 1,200kg - 2,500kg

Battery Capacity: 48V / 310 - 775Ah

Maximum Lift Height: 6000mm - 13000mm