Doosan Bobcat Diesel Forklift Truck

Doosan Bobcat 9-Series Diesel Forklift Truck with Fully Enclosed Cabin in Use Large
Doosan Bobcat Forklift Truck Operator Cabin Fully Enclosed

Tough, Agile & Safe

Give your business a boost with the Doosan Bobcat Diesel Forklift Truck. It checks all the boxes for operations of all sizes and specifications, from performance and power to cost-effectiveness and reliability. This safe material handling equipment is the ideal solution because it is rugged, dependable, and easy to service with a low total ownership cost. With its high-performance and efficient G2 Diesel engine outputting 45.6 kW of power and 300 Nm of torque, this vehicle is the best-in-class for effective site travel and lifting speeds. The ergonomic design allows operators to work in comfort with less fatigue and quality-of-life features that come standard, such as an ergonomically designed seat, colour display, leg room, anti-slip plate, and much more.


Built To Last

The Doosan Bobcat Diesel Forklift Truck minimises the total cost of ownership with longer service intervals and high-quality Bobcat Genuine parts and consumables, offering excellent value for money and ensuring your machine runs smoother and longer. It's optimised steering angle allows for maximum manoeuvrability in even the tightest spots when space is limited thanks to the small turning radius, allowing businesses to maximise the use of their floor space. With its G2 engine, dust- and water-resistant parts, and a cab that reduces vibrations, the Doosan Bobcat 9-Series diesel forklift is built tough to maximise uptime and dependability, rewarding operators and businesses with consistent reliability throughout the working day.

Doosan Bobcat Diesel Forklift Truck Rear
Doosan Bobcat Diesel Forklift Truck Levers

Safety In Every Move

Doosan Bobcat forklifts have safety embedded within their DNA. The diesel 9 Series forklift truck is packed with tonnes of features that protect your operators and your investment, giving you peace of mind on every task, every day. It's operator sensing system (OSS) ensures that the vehicle is used in line with the safety system when in use, and the electric parking brake (EPB) system enables the vehicle to engage its parking brake when its sensing system detects the operator exiting the vehicle. Added features to the Doosan Bobcat 9 Series forklift truck include an auxiliary weight providing excellent stability, reverse lock preventing directional switching at high speed, large panoramic mirrors, and powerful LED lights that maximise visibility for the truck's operator.

Why Doosan Bobcat for my Diesel Forklift?

Doosan Bobcat D160S-9 Diesel Forklift Truck in Use

Building rugged, reliable, yet simple trucks has allowed Doosan Bobcat to become a leading provider of forklift trucks in the UK. By adding high-spec features and proven technology, their aim is to increase productivity while lowering equipment lifetime costs. The latest range of internal combustion (IC) products is the cornerstone of our business and includes the most important features as standard, such as oil-cooled disc brakes and integral side-shifts, along with a whole host of safety features.

Why Fork Truck Direct for my Diesel Forklift?

Fork Truck Direct has specialised in counter-balance forklift trucks since its founding in 1995. We understand the application, requirements, mechanics, and hydraulics of an internal-combustion engine forklift truck. We are able to tailor diesel vehicles to the exact specifications of your operation to ensure maximum efficiency out of every penny you spend. Fork Truck Direct has a wide range of procurement options for diesel forklifts, including short-term and long-term hire, rental, lease purchase, and outright purchasing. This financial flexibility helps our customers get the kit they need with the option that suits their business the best. Lastly, Fork Truck Direct operates a team of over 20 mobile service engineers, each with thousands of hours of experience and hundreds of hours of training on diesel-based forklift platforms, and this expertise can be accessed at any time through hire or maintenance contracts.

How do I know a Diesel Forklift is the best for me?

Here at Fork Truck Direct, we have a highly experienced team of sales staff who each have 20+ years of experience in the material handling and warehouse equipment industries. These sales staff are available throughout the working week to survey your site, evaluate options, and tailor solutions to your specific operations. Sales staff can also organise demonstrations of vehicles in the event that you wish to sample a specific product or range before making that financial investment.

If you think a diesel counter-balance forklift is a requirement for your business and its operations, or you'd like the professional opinion of one of our dedicated sales team, feel free to click the below button and fill out a contact form.