Doosan Bobcat Lithium Warehouse Equipment

Doosan Bobcat LPM Lithium Powered Pallet Truck in use



The Doosan Bobcat LPM series lithium hand pallet trucks is the convenient and low-cost solution to efficient pallet movements ideal for warehouse environments across Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and London.


Lift Capacity: 1,500kg - 2,000kg

Fork Length: 1,150mm

Fork Width: 540mm -or- 685mm

Lift Height: 115mm


The Doosan Bobcat LPM series lithium pallet truck is suitable for use with both Euro Pallets and UK Standard Pallets making them a versatile choice for most applications.

Doosan Bobcat LPM Lithium Battery
Doosan Bobcat LPM20N Lithium Powered Pallet Truck in Warehouse

Entry Level Lithium

These trucks feature a plug-and-play, detachable 20-30 Ah lithium battery making the Doosan Bobcat LPM lithium pallet truck is designed for ease of access for charging & use and a display to monitor energy and machine status.

When fully recharged, the LPM can provide up to 3 hours operating time and can provide the ability to swap the batteries for longer operational cycles thanks to it's modularity.



LPM15: £1750.00

LPM20: £2250.00 



The LSM12N-7 represents excellent value together with high productivity and excellent performance. Safety is ensured thanks to the increased visibility while fast charging ensures efficiency for your operation in any business.


Lift Capacity: 1,200kg

Maximum Lift Height: 1514mm - 3514mm

Battery Capacity: 24V / 60Ah


Fork Truck Direct supply the Doosan Bobcat lithium walkie stacker truck to businesses across Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, and London.

Doosan Bobcat Lithium Powered Stacker Truck

Performance Lithium Stacker

LSM12N-7 is a cost-effective solution to warehouse operations which require performance and efficiency.

With finger-tip controllers on the tiller arm, a lithium driven electric motor and excellent visibility with a wide-view mast, the LSM12N-7 lithium stacker truck from Doosan Bobcat is the all-round ideal solution for warehouses completing light to medium intensity material and pallet transportation throughout the work day.