Doosan Bobcat LPG (Gas) Forklift Truck

Doosan Bobcat G35P-7 LPG (Gas) Forklift Truck Product Image
Doosan Bobcat LPG (Gas) Forklift Truck Operator Cabin


The Doosan LPG Gas Forklift Truck is renowned for its increased visibility for operators. With few emissions and neatly arranged hydraulic hoses, this Doosan Bobcat vehicle is designed with ease of use and safety in mind.


This LPG gas forklift is powered by a 2.4-litre LPG engine, which is fitted with a silent timing chain and an aluminium cylinder block and oil pan that aid in noise reduction. Furthermore, this forklift truck is fitted with the 'powershift transmission' that modulates clutch oil pressure for smoother forward and reverse direction changes.


With a built-in display for speed, temperature, hours, and much more, the LPG platform provides real-time feedback into the operation and state of the vehicle, allowing operators to get ahead of any upcoming maintenance requirements and monitor the forklift's performance.


All components, such as the seat, switches, instrument panel, levers, and pedals, are designed with ergonomics in mind to provide optimal comfort for operators.

Doosan Bobcat LPG (Gas) Forklift Truck Analogue Display
Doosan Bobcat LPG (Gas) Forklift Truck Operator Seat

Reliability & Serviceability

The Doosan Bobcat LPG platform is built with ease of service as a core tenant. The vehicle has optimised locations to service battery, air cleaner, filters and dipstick guages. The cyclone dual elements air cleaner protects the engine against contamination extending an engine's service life in all environment conditions.

Optional Extras

This LPG platform can be tailored to different applications with optional extras that include, but are not limited to:

  • Blue Safety Spotlights
  • Panoramic Mirrors
  • Auto Tilt Levelling
  • Ground Speed Control
  • Fully Enclosed Cabin

The Benefits of the Doosan LPG Forklift

Doosan Bobcat LPG (Gas) G25P-7 Forklift Truck in Use (Warehouse)

Building rugged, reliable, yet simple trucks has allowed Doosan to become a leading provider of forklift trucks in the UK. By adding high-spec features and proven technology, their aim is to increase productivity while lowering equipment lifetime costs. The latest range of internal combustion (IC) products is the cornerstone of our business and includes the most important features as standard, such as oil-cooled disc brakes and integral side-shifts, along with a whole host of safety features.

Why Fork Truck Direct for my LPG Forklift?

Doosan LPG engine trucks provide confidence and long-term value to businesses. The Doosan 7-Series IC forklifts are available in a range of capacities and chassis configurations from 1.5 to 7.0 tonnes for our gas range.

Fork Truck Direct maintains an extensive fleet of for-hire gas forklift trucks ranging from 2.0 to 3.5 tonnes. We have procured, distributed, and maintained gas forklift trucks since the beginning of our operations, and we therefore have the experience to tailor and maintain LPG forklifts for a wide range of applications and environmental conditions. For more information on our LPG (gas) forklift truck range, feel free to download the below brochure or contact us.