Doosan Bobcat NX Value Series Forklift Trucks

Doosan Bobcat D35NX Diesel Forklift Truck in Use
Doosan Bobcat NX Series Forklift Truck Operator Cabin

The Game Changer

The NX series offers outstanding power, durability, and operator comfort for total customer satisfaction by providing the best productivity and convenience in various applications at a lower total cost. Accessing new supply chains around the globe, Doosan Bobcat has introduced the NX Series as a value product, allowing businesses to access the material handling equipment they need for their operations without the large investment often required for their higher-quality products. That is not to say that the NX Series is less durable and efficient than other Doosan Bobcat products. The NX Series has models available across diesel, gas, and lead-acid electric power systems.

Powerful Performance

The combination of efficient power systems and rigid transaxles provides 22% of gradeability with a load. With optimised Doosan Bobcat hydraulic systems, the NX Series compares to other Doosan Bobcat forklift trucks with unbeatable travel and lifting speeds. These systems maximise performance, giving the vehicle the best productivity in the industry across various operational applications. It's strong and durable steer axles equipped with taper roller bearings and high-strength casting allow the NX series to operate in the harshest of working environments, even with heavy loads. The NX Series, much like other products offered by Doosan Bobcat, is easily serviceable and supported by a robust network of after-sales personnel and facilities to ensure customers get the most out of their investment.

Doosan Bobcat B25NX Electric Forklift Truck Rear
Doosan Bobcat NX Series Digital Display

Excellent Operator Comfort

The operator compartment is more spacious and ergonomically designed to reduce Dervier's fatigue and enable more comfortable and safer operations. The knee clearance is widened, and tilt cylinders have been removed from the floor plate, providing more spacious leg room. The clearance and angle of the accelerator and brake pedals have been improved over previous models to decrease fatigue of the operator's ankle. With maximised visibility and a compact steering wheel designed for the NX Series forklift truck, this piece of material handling equipment provides the ultimate ease of use for operators across all applications.

The Benefits of the Doosan Bobcat NX Series Forklift

The NX Plus Series is the economy range, but follows the same core tradition as our premium 9-Series of delivering simple, powerful performance. This ensures that you get the best possible value for your money.

The Kubota V2403-CR Diesel engine delivers powerful performance and generates capacity through key temperature control technology. The combination of a powerful engine transmission and drive axle maximizes the performance and gives you the best productivity in every work application.