Doosan Warehouse Equipment

Designed to be the best value trucks and forklifts on the market, Doosan have a reputation for high-quality and low-cost machinery. Specialising in lifting technology and long-lasting, durable components, Doosan prove time and time again that they are the brand of choice for savvy warehouse operators.

A choice of three electric reach trucks, perfect for the warehouse environment, are available through Doosan. From the versatile BR15J(5) through to BR16JW, offering 1250kg to a huge 2500kg capacity, each vehicle is designed with the end user in mind. Doosan know what a huge number of uses an electric reach truck has, and aspire for their vehicles to perfectly achieve each purpose.

The BR14JW-7 / BR16JW-7 offers a huge 1400-1600kg capacity alongside top-of-the-range safety features, and a choice of 180 or 360 degree steering. The simple and effective nature of these versatile machines is what makes them such a firm favourite with operators. Safety, as always, is at the forefront of everything these machines do and modern technology only serves to enhance the safety features of this range.

If this isn’t enough, they also offer cutting-edge warehouse machinery in the BR14JW-7 PLUS / BR16JW-7 PLUS which alongside the offerings of its predecessors, also offers height and weight indicators as well as air conditioning! Powerful hydraulic performance combined with full visibility (and the choice of upgrading to ‘fork view’ – a camera installed in the fork and screened directly to the cab in real time) allow for maximum safety for the operator and the highest level of performance.

Doosan supply electric reach vehicles for every warehouse application and are a popular brand with operators and warehouse managers alike for their durable qualities and low price points. With years of use in each machine, they are a worthwhile investment for any warehouse. Call us today to find out how well priced and practical Doosan can be!