HELI Lithium Counterbalance Forklift Truck

One of the most significant developments from us here at Fork Truck Direct is the introduction of the Lithium Counterbalance Heli Forklift Truck to our range of products which is now accessible to our current and prospective customer base across Essex, Suffolk, London, and Hertfordshire. The Heli Forklift Truck allows the advanced Li-Ion CATL battery to be made useful within material handling processes that require forklift trucks.

Heli Li-Ion: Reduced Maintenance

Due to the CATL Li-Ion battery system of this Heli Forklift, there are less moving internal components within the machine. The static nature of this power system ensures less points of potential failure allowing our customers and prospects to have the security in the knowledge that the Li-Ion Heli is less likely to fail that it’s Gas or Diesel counterparts.

Heli Li-Ion: Zero Emissions

Much like the lead-acid counter-balance forklift, the Li-Ion Heli emits zero emissions during it’s daily work-cycle. Within confined spaces such as warehouses or buildings, this is a major benefit allowing for such working environments to be cleaner.

Heli Li-Ion: Significant Cost Savings

The associated cost savings with Lithium Ion Forklift Trucks is the most important information for our currents customers and prospects who are considering adopting Li-Ion for their own operations. Firstly, the purchase price of Lithium-Ion Heli 2 tonne, 2.5 tonne and 3 tonne forklift trucks are less than the purchase price of its lead-acid counterpart. Choosing Lithium-Ion could save you significant sums of money than deciding to continue or to adopt a lead-acid counter-balance forklift truck.

However, the main area of interest for business to understand when looking at cost savings is the running-cost differences between Lithium-Ion Heli forklift trucks and Diesel or Gas forklift trucks. Below, we have broken down the estimated cost differences between Gas, Diesel and a Li-Ion Heli counter-balance forklift.

Estimated Fuel Savings

Average Fuel Use Per Hour – Diesel: 3.0L | Gas: 3Kg LPG | Lithium-Ion: 4 K/WH

Average Fuel Cost – Diesel: £1.25 per L | Gas: £2.0 per KG | Lithium-Ion: £0.30 per K/W

Average Cost Per Hour – Diesel: £3.75 | Gas: £6.00 | Lithium-Ion: £1.20

Per 10 Hours – Diesel: £37.50 | Gas: £60.00 | Lithium-Ion: £12.00

Per 20 Hours – Diesel: £75.00 | Gas: £120.00 | Lithium-Ion: £24.00

Per 30 Hours – Diesel: £112.50 | Gas: £180.00 | Lithium-Ion: £36.00

Heli Li-Ion: Simplified Setup & Charging

Heli’s Lithium-Ion counter-balance forklift comes with simplified options for charging. With the current line-up of Li-Ion platforms, there are 2 options available currently on the market. Firstly, for batteries with lower capacity the counter-balance forklift can contain a built-in charging unit. This allows operators to plug the vehicle straight into a 16V 3-pin power supply without any hassle. For larger battery capacities, Fork Truck Direct offer a standalone charging unit which is lighter and smaller than it’s lead-acid counterpart. Simply plug the charging unit into your power supply, plug the vehicle into the charging unit and the charging cycle beings.

If you would like further information on how the Lithium-Ion Heli Counter-Balance Forklift and other Lithium-Ion platforms could benefit your business, or you would like to get a quotation on our current Li-Ion equipment. Feel free to fill in the below form and one of our sales team will reach out to you.