Add value to your fleet with a refurbished forklift truck

When it comes to buying machinery, purchasing a refurbished forklift can be a cost-effective option for businesses that lack the funds to buy new. Choosing a fully refurbished forklift can offer a number of benefits. Read on to find out out more about how a refurbished forklift can add value to your business.

Buying secondhand is cost-effective

Secondhand refurbished trucks are cheaper than buying new machines and are a good-value purchase. Just like cars, forklifts begin to decrease in value as soon as they are first used. When you buy a brand new forklift, you are therefore unlikely to ever make back the money you first spent if you choose to sell later on. It is worth considering this depreciation cost when purchasing new.

The use of a refurbished forklift can increase your profits

You should also consider how a refurbished forklift will contribute to your business profits. View the machinery as an investment, weighing up the return to justify the purchase. It is easily measurable if you consider how adding a forklift to your fleet will make operations simpler and more efficient. If it speeds up processes that usually take much longer through manual methods, it can make more time available to focus on other parts of the business.

Refurbished forklifts undergo comprehensive checks before sale

Second-hand machinery is not a second-rate option. A refurbished truck should be provided in near perfect condition. In fact, it can be difficult to differentiate between a second-hand forklift and brand new. This is thanks to the comprehensive checking and refurbishment process that trucks go through before your business receives them.

Older models are available when buying secondhand

Often when people consider buying second-hand machinery, they tend to think they will be purchasing well-used and worn equipment, but this is not always the case. Buying a refurbished forklift can mean that you have access to discontinued models no longer available on the market. Perhaps you have previously owned a forklift model that is no longer in production. Buying refurbished can increase the chances of finding the product that suits your business.

Spend less and receive your forklift faster

Some businesses opt to buy a second-hand forklift based on their day to day needs. For example, if you don’t require a forklift for everyday use, spending a large sum on new machinery may not be justifiable. Instead, buying a less costly refurbished machine can enhance your business operations at a fraction of the price.

Buying a refurbished forklift can also reduce the lead time compared to buying a new forklift truck. This can be frustrating if you have an immediate need to increase your fleet. With a wider selection of models available, you may also find one that suits your business much faster.

Training may not be required if you are replacing your existing forklift

When it comes to usage, new models can take some time for the operators to become familiar with and use correctly. This can then reduce your business’ productivity as people learn the machine’s functions. But with an older, refurbished model, these tend to be the machines that operators are used to driving or have even trained on previously. It can be much quicker to make your new asset fully productive.

Refurbished forklifts are simpler to service

A further advantage to purchasing a refurbished forklift is that it can be simpler to service. Due to the time it has spent on the market, spare parts and experienced service staff are readily available and familiar with the model. This can make servicing and repairing your forklift considerably easier, should something happen.

Buy refurbished forklifts at competitive prices

We have a range of refurbished forklift trucks on offer, each having undergone comprehensive assessment and testing to ensure it is in excellent condition prior to sale. Browse our collection today, or get in touch with our team to find out more.

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