Benefits of using electric forklifts and the Doosan electric forklift range

Electric forklift trucks are internationally recognised as the workhorses of every industrial operation. A versatile and dependable piece of equipment, they are used in a wide range of sectors aiding distribution and logistics hubs and construction and warehouse sites alike.

Traditionally, the forklifts used around the world have been powered by fossil fuels, like diesel and LPG. However, forward-thinking companies are increasingly investing in an electric-powered fleet. In the following sections, we’ll investigate some of the advantages firms can gain when using electric fork trucks and showcase leading manufacturer Doosan’s latest entries into this forklift category.

Peak performance

Electric forklifts offer exceptional performance. Advanced technology onboard provides this equipment with accurate handling and control and improved braking technology abilities. As a result, electric forklifts are powerful while remaining simple to manipulate and drive. Suited to both outdoor and indoor use, these forklifts can handle heavy loads and an extensive range of materials.

Environmentally friendly

Energy-efficient and emitting zero carbon emissions, electric forklifts are better for the environment and the health of workforces at an industrial location. As they emit no toxins, these modern forklifts don’t require work areas to be ventilated, reducing heating costs.

Electric forklifts only use power when working, when the accelerator isn’t depressed, they shut down. This saves energy but also helps enterprises avoid accidents. Featuring quieter operations, they also cut down workplace noise. Not only does this create a more peaceful working environment it also helps improve health and safety on-site as noisy working conditions hamper clear communication and can be a dangerous distraction.

While electric batteries used by forklifts once required charging stations, technology has advanced with onboard charging equipment offering seamless service life. As long as an electric battery is routinely cleaned and serviced appropriately, it can be counted on for many years of use.

Low-cost equipment

Compared to their LPG and diesel-powered counterparts, electric fork trucks can work for longer between maintenance intervals. Electricity is a more affordable option than fossil fuels, allowing companies to reduce operational costs. The combination of reduced downtime for maintenance and repairs and lower energy costs makes electric forklift trucks an attractive option for enterprises that must work to strict budgets.

Agile operation

Electric forklift trucks offer operators more accurate control for high-quality handling. They also present a narrower physical presence, making them ideal for small sites where equipment must be used in more confined areas. While smaller in stature than many conventional types of forklift trucks, electric options can still hold their own when it comes to lifting power and performance.

Introducing the Doosan electric forklift

Doosan’s dedicated range of electric forklifts has much to offer. Continuing its longstanding tradition of delivering powerful but simple performance levels, the 7-series aims to provide optimum value for customers. With a fleet of three and four-wheel electric counterbalance forklifts, a variety of options are offered with different voltage and lifting capabilities.

Designed with the operator in mind these electric options boast an ergonomic compartment that reduces fatigue and stress while enhancing productivity. The latest forklifts from Doosan have hydraulic controls and increased visibility while their onboard stability system and robust design surpass all safety demands.

Affordable to operate, these cutting-edge forklifts offer extended intervals for maintenance. They also deliver dependability, power, and performance thanks to their advanced AC control systems. Easily adaptable, they can be modified to optimise accuracy and control to meet individual requirements.

Forklifts of the future

To sum up, electric forklifts offer many benefits for businesses keen to stay at the forefront of their field. Greener and less costly to maintain, they offer advanced capabilities, that allow them to deliver top performance and improved operator safety.

Considering a Doosan electric forklift to add to your fleet? Get in touch with our friendly team today to have a chat.