The future’s bright for Doosan forklifts – is now the time for you to buy one?

If you browse the Fork Truck Direct Ltd forklifts for sale, you’ll see we have a broad range of forklift types available. Of the many types of forklift trucks we have on offer, you’ll find one name coming up time and time again – Doosan. Who are Doosan, and why are we proud to stock their products?

Who are Doosan?

Doosan was established way back in 1896 with the establishment of the Park Seung Jik Store in South Korea. Since then, Doosan has gone from strength to strength and has established itself as a multinational conglomerate with interests in a diverse range of sectors and industries. Their construction subsidiary, Doosan Infracore, currently manufactures a broad range of construction machinery, attachments, engines, and general construction equipment. Their UK arm, Doosan Industrial Vehicles (UK), was established following the Daewoo Heavy Industries acquisition in 2005, and they now manufacture many different types of forklift trucks.

What is the Doosan ethos?

The Doosan Way is a large part of the core business operations of the Doosan group. It’s why we’re proud to stock a broad range of Doosan forklifts. Our business focusses both on forklift hire and sales, so it’s important to us that we offer our customers a range of equipment that we’re confident can meet their various needs. This is why we’re a recognised Doosan dealer.

The Doosan Way involves the manufacturing of reliable, affordable, and usable equipment for a reasonable price. It’s that simple. As someone who requires a forklift, you know they form a truly integral part of many businesses. Whether it’s a single forklift in a small business or one of a large fleet in a cavernous fulfilment or factory setting, the forklift is what keeps efficiency up and keeps loads shifting. An unreliable forklift is going to cost your business money, both in lost work and in ongoing repair costs, and a forklift that’s too expensive is going to be unaffordable for the large majority of businesses.

This is where Doosan comes in; to offer a broad range of dependable, reliable, and practical forklifts at affordable prices.

Making the right investment

What makes a good forklift investment? It comes down to value for money. Despite a common misconception, there’s more to value for money than simply finding the cheapest piece of equipment you can. Value for money takes into account the entirety of the ownership proposition and looks instead at what you get for your money. With Doosan, you’ll get a rugged, durable, reliable forklift that doesn’t require such a large financial commitment.

Something else to consider is that Doosan offers a broad range of forklifts, catering to all manner of needs. There are smaller electric forklifts, for example, for use in situations where the forklift is going to primarily be used inside for lighter loads. The range then increases considerably in size and weight capabilities to suit even the heaviest duty logistics, fulfilment, and commercial requirements. This makes finding the right forklift rental or purchase candidate is easy. Throughout the whole Doosan range there is a uniform commitment to usability, reliability, and ensuring the vehicle is truly fit for purpose.

The continued growth of Doosan

Doosan has stuck by its core principles for years, and it will continue to do so for years yet to come. That means there has been a consistent focus on providing customers with equipment and machinery they can both depend on and comfortably afford. This is what continues to win Doosan an increasing degree of brand loyalty among forklift users across all manner of sectors – when you need a job done right, you depend on a Doosan. This also makes them a good investment going forward, as it ensures there’s going to be a consistently strong degree of after-sales support, part availability, and servicing options through the life of your vehicle.

At Fork Truck Direct we’re able to give you a clear picture of the quality of Doosan forklifts because we engage with them through every part of their life cycle. We don’t just sell them never to be seen again. We have ongoing relationships with our clients and have a thriving used forklift sales element to our business. That means we have refurbished and offered many Doosans for sale used, which we know have gone on to provide even more reliable and affordable service. Our servicing and maintenance department means we’ve examined every part of the Doosan range, and that we continue to proudly sell them is a testament to the quality we’ve found.

Demand is only going one way

Forklifts that are affordable, reliable, and dependable are always going to be in high demand, and we’ve found this to be true across our Doosan range. Whether you’re looking for forklift truck hire or to purchase one and invest in a machine of your own long-term, you’ll find many choices and a compelling proposition with a Doosan. The company has been in business for over a century because it has established and continues to follow the simple tenet of quality above all else.

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