Why employing forktrucks with low emissions is essential

When it comes to using fork trucks, low emissions are an important consideration. In line with the UK government’s green agenda to achieve zero carbon by 2050, increasing pressure is being placed on companies working in the industrial sector to start taking steps to lower their emissions. On top of this, an extensive range of benefits means that low emission options make good business sense.

All-electric forklift trucks

Innovative equipment is constantly being developed that can run entirely on electric power, cutting emissions completely. This can be a smart fit for certain types of operations. Powered by chargeable electric batteries, no harmful emissions are ever produced during operation. While competitively priced by world-renowned manufacturers such as Doosan, all-electric solutions can sometimes prove too expensive for an operations budget. While the initial investment required to purchase electric-powered equipment can be large, once it is integrated onsite, most enterprises will see the economic advantages as electric forklifts are cost-effective to run.

However, limitations of electric charging technology can impact the viability of these solutions for some warehouses and factories. The rechargeable batteries used to power them have a limited lifespan that can disrupt workflow. While spare batteries can be kept ready for quick replacement, this still doesn’t provide a seamless service and will obviously come at an additional cost. Although in some operations equipment charging can be completed overnight, so that forklifts are ready to work by morning, in round the clock operations, this isn’t an option. Additionally, due to their length of charge, electric-powered forklifts ultimately have a limited range that they can cover. While this makes them appropriate for working inside smaller warehouse areas where distance isn’t an issue, it often makes them an unsuitable solution for large-scale sites.

An alternative to electric options

For these reasons, many firms are still employing fork trucks powered by liquid petroleum gas, commonly called LPG forklifts which can supply a balance of consistent power, range and sound fuel economy. The good news is that while these solutions use traditional fossil fuels to power them, leading manufacturers such as Doosan are dedicated to the environment and have developed premium fork trucks that are as eco-friendly as possible. In fact, the LPG fork trucks made by Doosan offer the lowest emission options available on the current market. Lower-emission LPG forklift trucks can be used equally well both externally and internally on sites, offering the same level of robust reliability as diesel options without the toxicity worries.

The following are just some of the key benefits of adopting low-emission forklifts as part of your operation.

Keeping your workforce healthy and strong

High levels of emissions in an enclosed space can be hazardous to the health of your onsite personnel when they breathe them in while working. Using low-emission fork trucks can greatly improve the personal wellbeing of both the vehicle operators and those working nearby during operation. Reducing risks to your workforce can not only keep your operation healthy, but ensure you are always operating within the correct guidelines established by UK health and safety regulators. Additionally, a workforce that understands that you have their welfare at heart will be more productive, enhancing the overall efficiency and output of your operations.

Protecting your materials

Emissions won’t just harm your employees – over time, they can damage the stock you retain and handle. Forklift trucks are specifically designed for moving goods from one area to another onsite and when they are releasing harmful toxins, the stock can become contaminated, discoloured, or take on unpleasant odours. This can be a particular problem for warehouses and distribution centres that handle foodstuffs and other perishables, leading to excessive waste when identified or when clients and consumers lodge complaints.

Working towards the future

As mentioned earlier, the UK government is increasingly focused on reducing the volume of emissions being produced nationwide, with new stricter measures being introduced every year.

To this end, many enterprises are making the move to future proof their operations by selecting to lower their emissions now, with eco-friendlier options. By putting a long-term plan in place to meet future requirements demanded by legislation, industrial enterprises can work towards achieving their goals in incremental stages rather than having to roll out an extensive and expensive transformation project on short notice.

Many companies working in the industrial sector are committed to preserving the environment, reducing not just harmful carbon emissions but associated pollutants such as increased wastage due to damage from contaminants. Investing in the planet, which for the most part produces many of the resources used in manufacturing, is good sense and represents an investment in the longevity of your enterprise as well as the environment.

Looking to explore low-emission options?

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