What are the reasons behind the demand for forklifts?

Unsurprisingly, forklift trucks have grown in demand over the past few years. This tough, heavy-duty machine can carry anything you need it to and get the product to its destination safely, without risking your own safety or anyone else’s. Helping warehouses and other shopping businesses keep up with demand, it’s no surprise that experts are sharing their own opinions on this important piece of machinery.

BITA Secretary-General James Clark said, “Despite the continuing uncertainties around the economy and growth forecasts over the next three years, forklifts continue to be in demand, fulfilling their role as enablers of business expansion and supporters of the UK economy.” (UK Forklift truck sales up 8.2% year-on-year) From the manufacturing process to storage, forklifts play a vital role in production and sales. Read on to learn all the reasons for the increase in demand for forklifts.

Environmental concerns

With many businesses today looking to make their processes more environmentally friendly, the forklift industry is shifting towards electric models, which offer greater efficiency and reduced emissions.

With eco-friendly engines and all-electric options, it doesn’t get more sustainable than this. Not only have customers started looking at buying units with lower carbon emissions, but they have also begun asking about the environmental impact certain units can have.


Electric lift trucks are more affordable than diesel forklifts, which makes them easier to maintain. Electricity costs less than liquid or diesel petroleum gases, making electric forklifts economical too. Additionally, the fewer moving parts minimise the risk of failure with a lower chance of breakdown.

Limited parts

With many manufacturers struggling to get hold of the raw materials needed to create forklifts, such as semiconductors, which are used for electronics, and steel for the body, they seem to have fallen behind on producing more forklifts. With manufacturing being shut down for countless months, forklift companies are experiencing an increase in demand that they’re not being able to meet at the moment.

Less maintenance

The intervals between regular maintenance have significantly increased, which has resulted in lower running costs and the number of hours the forklift is in operation. So long as the batteries are hosed down, the forklifts usually run for a longer amount of time. There is also no additional fuel storage space that is needed for electric forklifts – all they need is an AC battery changing point.

Zero emissions

A forklift is a crucial piece of equipment for any warehouse, and with the environmental benefits that come from not using fossil fuels or burning electricity to power them, it just makes sense to go green. The high-quality design also provides stability on any surface type, making them perfect for loading/unloading heavy items without damaging either your company’s product or their workers. As an additional safety measure, you’ll be pleased to know that when a user takes their foot off the pedal, an electric forklift will stop immediately.

Less noise

Fork trucks, for use in warehouses and distribution centres, are a common sight. In this kind of workplace setting, noise is generally a constant concern. The electric forklift truck was designed to help mitigate the loud noises that might come from operating heavy machinery. For instance, if you’re going to be running a forklift all day long, it’s probably best to go with an electric one instead of a gas-powered one because they produce less noise. Electric trucks also cost less money on maintenance, so your bottom line will thank you.

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