What is the best forklift brand?

Investing in a good forklift truck is an essential part of keeping your workplace operating smoothly and efficiently. Good forklift trucks will be high-quality, safe to use and durable, without breaking the bank! For your forklift operators, choosing a suitable machine could be the difference between a safe and straightforward job and a job that is met with constant obstacles and threatens their safety. With so many forklift truck brands available to choose from, it may seem almost impossible to pick out the best one for your business. This article will guide you through the question “what is the best forklift truck brand to buy?” to help make things easier.

What makes a good forklift truck?

Before delving into the very best brands on the market, it may be helpful to know exactly what makes a forklift truck suitable. Every brand will claim that their machine is the best you can buy when not all trucks meet the criteria to be classed as the best. Knowing what to look for when purchasing your own forklift truck will help you to narrow down your options and pick the finest brand.

Industry experience

The very best forklift truck providers (and forklift dealerships) have years of industry experience under their belt that will help to guide their decision making and constantly improve on their products. Choosing a brand with many years of experience will help you to find a machine that stands out from the rest.


Ensuring that your new forklift truck is made to be durable will prevent you from having to spend money fixing the truck or replacing it when it becomes unusable. Durability is paramount if you are planning to use your forklift daily and if it shall be carrying heavy loads.

Value for money

It is no secret that forklift trucks aren’t cheap. However, this does not mean that you should have to break the bank. Many great forklift brands out there do not charge an arm and a leg for their products, yet they are still made with quality in mind!

What is the best forklift brand?

When shopping around for a new forklift, it is always good to learn about the brand behind the machine. While the machine itself may look impressive, learning about the brand can often sway your opinion. The top forklift brands have been around for years and will have more knowledge and industry experience than newer brands, so they will generally make better forklift vehicles. You should also take a look at the brand’s reputation. Customer reviews will reveal a lot about the reliability of products sold by a brand! So, what is the best forklift brand?


If the value for money is your number one priority when searching for the best forklift to buy, Doosan may just be the best brand for you. The brand optimises money by using proven technology and highly durable materials/components to create products with low lifetime operating costs and very little maintenance. These machines are built to last and are great for businesses that have a tighter budget.

Don’t let the low costs of Doosan products lead you to believe that they do not include all of the essential features that are needed in the very best forklift trucks. Doosan trucks include many fantastic features, including:

– AC technology

– Oil cooled disk brakes

– Reliable and powerful engine transmissions

– 3-year warranty

– Low emissions

– A range of capacities and chassis configurations

Doosan technology leads the way above other material handling truck brands and certainly will not disappoint. We have been trading with the company for ten years now and have sold thousands of Doosan trucks nationwide.


When looking at the best handling solutions, Combilift forklift trucks definitely need mentioning. Combilift currently holds 80% of the UK forklift market and is a world-leading producer of 4 directional forklift vehicles.

When you purchase a Combilift forklift from Fork Truck Direct, you will receive full technical and service support from our expert engineers who have undergone intensive training to provide first-class support for all of your needs. In addition to this, 90% of Combilift parts can be available within 24hours of a request which means that you can make alterations or improvements quickly and easily. This will help to improve workplace productivity by minimising the time that your business will be without your Combilift truck.


For smaller warehouses of businesses that need their trucks to operate in narrower pathways, Flexi forklift trucks may be your best bet. These excellent machines can work in aisles as narrow as 1642mm and are a great way to maintain space in your warehouse and minimise the risk of blocked passageways or aisles. The unique design of the Flexi truck makes it the easiest to drive and one of the most practical forklift models in the market.


EP has been around for over 20 years and is a top player in the Li-ion battery powered warehouse equipment market. EP build simple yet incredible powerful vehicles that focus on electricity. The brand specialises in providing machines to suit the needs of retail, manufacturing and distribution industries and create smart solutions targeted at optimising warehouse efficiency.

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