What can the Combilift Aisle Master offer for your business?

Many years ago, operations requiring a fleet of forklift trucks for their site were limited to a few basic options, each suited to a different task. As a result, even smaller enterprises were forced to either use one solution that was not ideal for their working environment or make a considerable investment in several different models to carry out a range of work. Trucks like the Combilift Aisle Master were just what so many businesses could have done with, but weren’t currently available.

Fast forward to 2022 and leading manufacturers of material handling solutions like Combilift are creating innovative options informed by in-depth research and close communication with users. Described as an articulated forklift that can do it all, the Combilift Aisle Master is designed to tick many boxes for businesses and in this blog, we’ll take an in-depth look at what it can offer firms keen to operate at the forefront of their field.

A brief look at the Combilift Aisle Master

Cleverly engineered to provide an all-in-one forklift for warehousing, the Aisle Master from Combilift provides a range of enhanced features which offers the user more efficiency with handling, offloading, and storage. The Aisle Master truck is built to be versatile, robust and endure, offering extended active service life when correctly maintained.

The Combilift Aisle Master has been manufactured to exacting standards. As a result, both inside and out, every inch of this articulated fork truck has been designed to cope with heavy-duty use day in, and day out. Models that run on LPG and electric are available with lift capacities ranging from 1,500 kg to 3,000 kg.

Making the most of available storage at your site

To maximise how much stock a warehouse can hold, enterprises must leverage all available space. However, when racking is configured too tightly, it can limit access to bulkier material handling solutions that need to pick products or storage containers. Fortunately, the Aisle Master from Combilift was designed to allow warehouses to increase their storage space by as much as 50 per cent.

Its narrow profile and streamlined design allow warehouses to optimise the racking layout onsite and reduce their aisle widths to 1.6 metres dramatically increasing their storage capacity.

A Versatile solution for seamless operation

Firms looking to save money and time by investing in a single model of truck that can handle all terrain will appreciate the Aisle Master. It can effectively transport loads from trucks and trailers to racking one a smooth, single operation. Fitted with large-size rubber tyres, the Aisle Master’s operators can make short work off-loading and loading on semi-rough work surfaces while enjoying a smoother ride. Its versatility and dependability make the Aisle Master an ideal solution for both the DIY and building supply industries.

Enhanced ergonomics with the Combilift Aisle Master

The Aisle Master is also designed for an optimum user experience and comes packed with a wide range of ergonomic features to assist driver comfort and safety. Its enhanced cabin has been designed with driver needs in mind with intuitive controls perfectly shaped and positioned for ease of use. The Aisle master also offers outstanding stability and exceptional visibility levels for operators to mitigate the risk of accidents and injuries while working.

Increased driver comfort and safety also increase operator confidence and well-being which in turn can help improve work rates for a more productive operation.

Ideal for working in colder conditions

Finally, the Aisle Master excels when performing in low-temperature work environments. The expense of temperature-controlled warehouse operations is exceptionally high, making space saving more vital than ever.

Aisle Master’s dedicated cold store model can cope with the harsh climate of any cold store facility while delivering all the advantages of increased productivity and storage. Its high visibility and fully enclosed cab can keep operators warm and comfortable, reducing the time required for breaks and improving productivity.

To find out more about how these great machines can benefit your business, contact our team today.