Why short-term forklift hire is great for your busy Christmas period

When you run a busy commercial business, it’s essential that your warehouse can operate smoothly and efficiently, especially at Christmas. The holiday period can lead to various challenges – including peaks in order volumes and lower staffing when sickness and holidays kick in. Throw bad weather into the mix, and it’s vital you’re well-prepared to tackle everything that comes your way. This is where short-term forklift hire can help out.

Even though the economy is facing its issues this year, warehouses are likely to be busier than ever, particularly as more people shop online. So short-term forklift hire could be a great contingency measure to shore up your operation and minimise risks. Here are some of the reasons to consider this route:

1. Inbuilt servicing for peace of mind

With short-term forklift hire you don’t have to worry about any maintenance issues, because servicing cover is built into the hire price. If there’s a problem, you simply call your supplier and they will send an engineer to assess the machinery. Most contracts also include periodic maintenance if you hire the forklift for a while – warehouses can be difficult and challenging arrangements, so this is a particular benefit.

2. Capacity flex

Short-term forklift hire also means you can quickly meet extra capacity needs when those order volumes start to rise – helping to maximise your resource utilisation and fulfilment speeds.

3. No need to tie up capital

When you buy new equipment for your business, it ties up your capital and reduces your cash availability. With short-term forklift hire, you simply pay a hire fee for the Christmas period and return the forklift when you no longer need it.

4. Try out different models

Not sure which short-term forklift is right for you? By hiring different forklifts on a short-term basis, you can see which make and model works well for your particular needs. This is a better approach than making an expensive investment that later turns out to be the wrong one for your business.

5. Keep a handle on costs

With a short-term hire arrangement, you’re clear on your costs from the beginning and don’t have any nasty surprises. This helps with your business planning and keeps your accountant happy!

6. You can arrange short-term forklift hire fast

Need immediate access to a forklift? No problem. Good suppliers can get you what you need in a very short timeframe, meaning you can scale up to meet operational needs rapidly – and without needing to wait for time-consuming production. Why not book your equipment now so that you’re well-prepared for the busy Christmas rush?

7. You can also get rid of it fast

When you get to the end of the Christmas period, you may find that you still need the forklift in January. With a flexible hiring arrangement, this is easy to arrange. Alternatively, if you don’t need it for as long as you initially thought, rather than have equipment sitting idling and depreciating on your warehouse floor, you can send it back.

8. Choice!

You’ll find a wide range of forklifts available for short-term hire, and most suppliers have fleets available at different price points and task requirements. It’s usually easy to find what you want for your intended needs and within your budget – and you’ll get great service too to help you make the right decision.

When you need to scale your operation up – or down – short-term forklift and fleet hire can be a sensible way to do it. Whether you operate a warehouse, manufacturing facility, retail unit, distribution hub or another type of large commercial environment, access to forklifts can be extremely useful to help keep your logistics on track.

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