Doosan Bobcat Electric Forklift Truck

Doosan Bobcat B25X-7 Electric Forklift Truck Product Image Large
Doosan Bobcat B25X-7 Electric Forklift Truck Product Image


This Doosan Bobcat Electric forklift boosts productivity with a small turning radius and enhanced manoeuvrability features such as a fly-by-wire system for acceleration and braking, which is modulated by an on-board computer to ensure smooth yet effective control of the vehicle.


This electric platform benefits from IP43/IP54-rated dust and water protection, an AC Curtis controller, and oil-cooled disc brakes. The tried-and-tested lead-acid battery is renowned within the industry for its lack of maintenance requirements and low running costs.

Safety First

Operators can work with confidence thanks to the extensive line-up of safety features, which include turtle mode, emergency stopping, mast and tilt interlocks, and programmable speed-limiting controls.


Those who operate the electric Doosan Bobcat forklift benefit from increased cab space thanks to the compact steering wheel reducing operator fatigue and boosting training efficiency. The on-board digital display allows for complete control over the functionality of the vehicle such as the driving speed, mast speed and much more.

Doosan Bobcat Electric Forklift Truck Digital Display
Doosan Bobcat Electric Forklift Truck Kill Switch and Console

Added Convenience

Specific to this electric platform, the electric Doosan Bobcat forklift benefits from a larger cup holder, a USB port for device charging, a 12 V power outlet, and a clipboard holder all within immediate reach of the operator.

Built for Extremes

The Doosan Bobcat Electric Forklift has been built from the ground up to be a dependable and rugged forklift truck that can keep your operation running smoothly while reducing noise pollution and eliminating emissions within enclosed work environments such as warehouses.

The Benefits of the Doosan Electric Forklift

The new 7 Series electric counterbalance forklift trucks continue to follow the core Doosan tradition of delivering simple, powerful performance while also delivering the best possible value for our customers.

The new model offers improved visibility and the latest design in ergonomic hydraulic controls. Thanks to the improved durable design and an additional stability system, Doosan’s new 7 Series electric trucks exceed the highest demands for safe operation. The ergonomic driving compartment keeps the operator in complete control at all times. This greatly improves productivity while also helping to reduce driver stress and fatigue.

Doosan Bobcat B25X-7 Electric Forklift Truck in Use (Warehouse)

Why Fork Truck Direct for my Electric Forklift?

Fork Truck Direct is uniquely positioned in the electric forklift market, as we have countless years of experience delivering and maintaining electric platforms. However, what makes us unique is our in-house training, which helps our engineers stay on top of their game. We are also a regional innovator within this market, as we have performed some of the region's first retrofitting and modifications of lead-acid forklift trucks into lithium-ion forklifts, sourcing our own lithium-ion batteries and installing them ourselves. For more information on our range of electric products, feel free to contact us by clicking the button below or downloading our brochure for our electric range.