Short Term Forktruck Hire

Short Term Hire

Most companies need a short term materials handling solution at one time or another.

Short term hire is an ideal way to meet heavy or seasonal demands without putting a strain on the balance sheet. For companies looking for longer term solutions, there are many advantages of contract hire – not least of which is the ability to fix the cost of the total cost throughout the term of the agreement.

All kinds of equipment is available, including Doosan gas, diesel and electric forklifts, Combilifts, Flexi’s, pallet trucks, reach trucks and even attachments.

With our own transporter, we can swiftly respond to your delivery and collection requirements.

We can offer our trucks from as little as one day, or up to one year on our short term hire contracts, and this includes all maintenance costs so there are no hidden or unexpected costs.

So, if you think short term hire is for you, or even if you are uncertain, please do not hesitate to call hire team today and they will be happy to discuss your requirements and quote you for the best option.

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